FHI-aims: Full-Potential, All-Electron Electronic Structure Theory with Numeric Atom-Centered Basis Functions
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FHI, Volker, Duke, and FHI-aims:

As you know, the development of FHI-aims is coordinated by Volker Blum and Matthias Scheffler, in addition to contributions from MANY others.

This arrangement has been rather successful and will continue unchanged. What is changing, however, is that Volker Blum is moving to a faculty position at Duke University (Durham, NC) in September 2013.

We wish to stress that this move will only impact the development of FHI-aims in a positive way. The many developments in Matthias Scheffler's group at FHI (Berlin) will continue as always. Volker Blum will continue and expand his efforts around FHI-aims with his new group at Duke University.

In short, the maintainership of FHI-aims is unchanged. Together with the many others (many of you!) that contribute to our joint development, we are committed to the future of FHI-aims.